KRHIS (Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements) is a Korean institution contracted by the IDB to develop the HIDS urban project. KRIHS will have local support from IDOM, a company based in Spain, that provides consultancy in the areas of engineering and architecture, and from Demacamp, a company based in Campinas, that provides consultancy in urban planning and architecture projects.


Master plan
Consultancy for HIDS master plan development BID/KRIHS US$300,000

Documents / Products

Status do Projeto

February/22 – Work scope and schedule, Work management tools, Information on the site, Previous studies of UNICAMP on the site, KRIHS work progress (site analysis and queries), Coordination strategy among consultancies, Thematic areas and expected facilities for the HIDS, Work coordination with IDOM. Participants: KRIHS, Physical-Spatial Unicamp Team, IDB, IDOM,  and Environment and Heritage Unicamp Team.