Master Plan

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), recognizing the importance of a project like HIDS for the city of Campinas, is investing, on a non-refundable basis, US$1,000,000.00, financed by the Knowledge Partnership Korea Fund for Technology and Innovation (KPK). (US$100,000 is local counterpart funding. The local counterpart will be in -kind contribution provided by the hours from Unicamp employees).

The financing was made official through a Technical Cooperation (BRT1430) signed between the IDB and Unicamp that aims to develop a master plan and support the conceptualization and construction of the strategic framework for the creation of HIDS.

The implementation of Technical Cooperation with the IDB is in charge of seven interdependent work groups (components). With the exception of the physical-special component, the other components are totally or partially financed by the IDB, through specific consultancies (Communication, Sustainability Assessment and Legal Model) or by contracting companies (Business Model, Heritage and Governance) .

See details about the HIDS project on the IDB website. The description of activities of the components for the elaboration of the master plan and the respective budget can be consulted in this page.

For a detailed description of the objectives of each component, teams, status and products developed click on the links below.