Business Model

The business model aims to understand the mission, objectives and strategy of participating institutions in HIDS; identify areas where it is possible to cultivate synergies; and plan how to make cooperative actions between these institutions feasible. From cooperative actions, the model aims to generate positive externality for all HIDS participants, such as infrastructure development, legal facilities and a favourable environment for the main goal of HIDS: innovation and sustainability through education, technological and social development, and entrepreneurial actions.

In order to build a favorable environment for both companies and investments, the business model will be structured in five stages:

1) the development of a common vision on HIDS that is based on innovation and sustainability among all participating institutions;

2) the identification of areas in which cooperative actions between these institutions are encouraged and strengthened;

3) the planning of the necessary infrastructure and facilities;

4) the discussion about appropriate legislation with the municipal and state governments;

5) the search for HIDS funding.


Coordination: Miguel Bacic – IE Unicamp

Associated Coordination: Paulo Lemos -Facamp


  • Andre Janousek – Instituto Eldorado
  • Carlos Prax – Cargill
  • Eduardo Gurgel – Inova Unicamp
  • Fabio Rodrigo Fachini – PUC-Campinas
  • Flávio Francisco Orlandi – Sanasa
  • Franklin Gindler – Global Tech
  • Geraldo Biasoto – IE Unicamp
  • José Augusto Ruas – Facamp
  • Jose Eduardo Bertuzzo  – Instituto Eldorado
  • Luciana Alvim Santos Romani – Embrapa
  • Mauricio Aguiar Serra – IE Unicamp
  • Paulo Lemos – Facamp
  • Patricia Magalhães de Toledo – CNPEM
  • Paulo Curado – CPQD
  • Paulo Roberto Dallari Soares – TRB Pharma
  • Ricardo Pannain – PUC-Campinas
  • Ulysses Semeguini – IE Unicamp
  • Vitor Mondo – Embrapa
  • Wilson Barbosa Neto – PUC-Campinas

IDB Investment

Component 2. Development of strategic framework for HIDS
3 Consultancy for developing the strategic framework for the International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) in Campinas SPI / IASP / IDOM 120,000
4 Knowledge sharing and advisory consultancy for developing the strategic framework of the International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) in Campinas STEPI 50,000


December/2021 – The consultancy hired to develop the business model proposal developed HIDS strategy and business model workshops with members of the Advisory Board. The consultancy also brought the HIDS closer to TECNOPUC for a better understanding of the management and governance model.