To establish a communication strategy at the service of the Founding Advisory Council of HIDS to promote the HUB and engage different audiences (companies, entrepreneurs, media and civil society) with focus in the dissemination of knowledge about the project, generating a positive image from a narrative about sustainability, value creation and the concept of a living laboratory.


Coordination: Patricia Mariuzzo (HIDS)

Associated Coordination: Benedicto C. Chiquino Junior – PUC-Campinas


  • Araceli Avelleda – Sanasa
  • Benedicto C. Chiquino Junior – PUC-Campinas
  • Graziela Galinari – Embrapa Informática
  • Juliana Fedak Sabbatini – Facamp
  • Lívia Gonçalves – CNPEM
  • Maria Helena Berto de Goes – Sanasa
  • Odair Chiquinho dos Santos – CPQD
  • Patricia Hayato – Cargill
  • Paulo Roberto Dallari Soares – TRB Pharma
  • Ricardo Pannain – PUC-Campinas

IDB Investment

Component 2. Development of strategic framework for HIDS
5 Consultancy for developing the communication strategy for the Establishment of the International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) Consultancy (Patricia Mariuzzo) 45,000


December/2021 – The HIDS communication component was present in several events that took place in the period, among them the meetings of Retoma SP in several cities in the state and the mission of the French Consulate visiting PUC and Unicamp. Articles and publications on social networks contributed to the increase in audience in digital media.