The governance component is responsible for defining, establishing and putting into operation the HIDS governance model, from its conceptualization stage, until its proper operation, ensuring rhythm and assertiveness to the project’s objectives. This component is coordinated by Inventta, an innovation consultancy contracted by the IDB.


Coordination: Bruno Moreira – Inventta

  • Allan Patrick – Inventta
  • Thais Colicchio -Inventta

IDB Investment

Component 1. Diagnosis Study for HIDS
1 Support the diagnosis and technical coordination for the Establishment of International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) INVENTTA 60,000


December/2021 – The diagnostic study form to capture the perceptions and interests of the private sector on HIDS was developed and applied. The number of responses is not yet adequate for the study to be conclusive. Partnerships with ANPEI and Unicamp’s Innovation Agency, Inova, were established in an attempt to increase the number of responses.