Legal Strategy

To provide legal protection to the master plan; to” promote the application of the master plan principles in the territory of HIDS, *to establish HIDS governance and develop agreements and contracts between stakeholders in order to consolidate their presence in HIDS.


Coordination: Josué Mastrodi – PUC-Campinas

Associated Coordination: Julio C. Martorano – CPQD


  • Alessander Tarantini – Embrapa
  • Anna Stela B. Lima – Instituto Eldorado
  • Bruna Carpentieri Moreira – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Caio Mendonça Lari Nóbrega – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Cássia I. Costa Mendes – Embrapa
  • Claudete  Ap Piton de M Salles – Sanasa
  • Claudio Franzolin – PUC-Campinas
  • Eneida Rachel Campos – FCM Unicamp
  • Erika Almeida Santana – Cargill
  • Fernanda Brancalioni Zerbini – Master’s Degree PUC-Campinas
  • Fernanda Souza Correa – Master’s Degree PUC-Campinas
  • Guilherme Zarias Crosara – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Gustavo Pereira Fraga – FCM Unicamp
  • Júlio Cezar Martorano – CPQD
  • Jullia Lessa Moterani – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Juliana Cristina Gazzoto – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Marcela Cortez Vassallo – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Marcelo Cunha -IE Unicamp/DEPI
  • Maria Eduarda Ardinghi Brollo – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Maria Lucia Ferreira – Facamp
  • Mikael Martins de Lima – TRB Pharma
  • Nicole Lucidi Ribeiro – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Paula Gomes da Conceição – Master’s Degree PUC-Campinas
  • Paula Luyten Bedrikow – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas
  • Renata Vasconcelos Aquino – CNPEM
  • Ricardo Pannain – PUC-Campinas
  • Verônica Elisa Soares Barbosa – Master’s Degree PUC-Campinas
  • Yusuka Sakai – Law Graduation PUC-Campinas

IDB Investment

Component 1. Diagnosis Study for HIDS
2 Consultancy for assessing and developing the legal framework of the Establishment of International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) PUC-Campinas 60,000


December/2021 – The debates regarding the creation of legal personality for the HIDS have not yet been conclusive. The component continues with the assistance of the other components in relation to legal aspects.